Fire, Pitta by any name the are the Same

I was born opinionated, full of ideas, extroverted and stubborn. Over the years, I have learned that being the person who is willing to place yourself forward also means you are the person who is looked when it is time to place blame. I cannot express how many times in my life I have found myself the leader, not by choice but due to circumstance. Its not always a fun place to be. In fact its a venerable place to be.

I know many women can understand where I am coming from. You are called upon to make all of the choices for your career, your children, family menus, date nights you name it. And at times it can seem that everyone has something to say about the choices you make but often don't understand its isn't always fun to be the person making the choices.

A perfect example of this is the frustration that many parents feel having to home school their children during this pandemic. It might seem like you are alone with children that "push back" and get frustrated with the process or having a partner who doesn't wield as much of the responsibility as you do.

Listen, we get it. Heavy is the Head. That's why there is yoga. Seriously, its a practice that is there to help us come to term with and manage all of the things we have to manage along with the expectations we are expected to balance. We hope that after you complete this practice you realize no matter how tough it gets its always Good to be Queen.

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