De-Stress like the Duchess

Hello All,

I hope this post finds you well, you've had a wonderful weekend, found some time to get on your mat, honor yourselves and sit in gratitude.

Sooo there was a wedding this weekend huh? The Duchess of Sussex is an avid yogi, daughter of yogi /instructor and rumor has it the new Duke/Prince has been persuaded to start a practice of his own.

Their wedding was very inclusive and that philosophy is exactly in line with Soulflow Yoga, where each practice is designed with the client in mind. We work with all shapes and sizes.

In honor of the Royal Wedding, we have the Duchess in Reverse Warrior pose.

To execute this Royal posture,

1. Stand in the middle of your mat, feet together,

2. Place your hands on your hips,

3. Take a giant step forward with your front foot, and a step back with your right leg, turn your right toes towards the wall and bend into your front knee,

4. Extend your arms out to either side of the room,

5. Slowly lean back and lift the left arm letting the right arm wander down the thigh, and

6. Exhale

Reverse Warrior strengthens and stretches the legs, groin, hips, arms the sides of the torso and waist. It improves flexibility in the spine, inner thighs, ankles and chest. It also builds strength in the thighs, shoulders and arms. This pose is great for lower back pain.

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Namaste Guys

5.Slowly lean back and lift your left arm gaze underneath your palm

6. Allow your right arm to fall back to your right thigh.

7. Breathe

4. Extend your arms out to either side I hips and the sides of the torso and waist. it imporves flexibility in the spine , inner thighs ankles and chest. I

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