4 Yoga poses for Single Moms on the Brink

We know that sometimes life seems so imbalanced and unfair. The bills continue to accumulate, the kids always need something and no one seems to understand. Well we understand and we are here to help. We know its not easy but take fifteen minutes for yourself, unroll your mat and refill your cup. Seriously it will be beneficial for you and everyone around you.

1. Dragon Pose- This asana is great for the low back and hips. The hips hold a lot of emotion as single mothers we are often told to "let it go" and "move on" however, our bodies arent as great as pretending as our minds are. To really let it go, you need to burn it off. Align your mental and physical bodies and breathe. Dragon will help you to achieve all of those things

a. stand on your knees in the middle of your mat

b. take your left foot and place it on the outside of the mat, bend the left knee at a 90 degree angle, place your hands on the inside of your food. Stretch the right leg long behind you.

c. hold the posture 10-60 seconds, breathe into the left hip socket, close your eyes.

d. Try it on the other side

2. Pigeon Pose- This asana is great for opening up the hips, focusing the mind and helping you to release mentally. We have literally cried in pigeon pose the release is so great.

a. get in table top or all fours in the middle of your mat.

b. bring your left knee toward your right wrist.

c. place your left ankle in front of your left hip

d. stretch your right leg back long

e. breathe into the left hip

f. place your palms on the floor, and hold

g. try the other side

3. Ustrasana Camel Pose- This asana opens up the heart chamber, stretches the low back, and increases circulation. Mentally this pose helps your body to accept more oxygen, often times when you come out of this asana you might feel a "rush" or a bit dizzy that's OK that is your body letting go.

a. Stand on your knees in the middle of your mat

b. place your hands on your lower back all ten fingers pointing down as though you are putting your hands in your pockets

c. squeeze your elbows together

d. drop your head back

e. if you can see the back wall let your hands wander down the back of your thighs to your heels

f. continue pressing the hips forward and dropping the head back

4. Savasana Corpse pose- How often do you get to lie down and just breathe? Today is the day. Lock your kids out, whatever it is they can wait. We tell our kids if you aren't bleeding or on fire WAIT until Mommy is done in here.

a.lie in the middle of your mat

b. relax your entire body

c. place your hands lightly on your belly

d. take 60 full inhales and exhales through your nose

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