10 Yoga Poses for days you dont want to move.

You know the feeling. .. exhausted after a day of work,kids and life in general;  phone in hand, scrolling social media,checking email, it can place you in a trance and cause your body to stiffen and your mind to veg.

We designed this routing to help you open your body,  release tight spots and enlighten your mind. To start,find a quiet place in your home, dim your lights light some candles play some music.

our playlist

1. Easy Pose. Sit on your mat in a cross legged position. Place your knuckles down palm up. Breath in and out through your nose. Gently drop your head to the right- one minute; left- one minute.

2. Supta Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose)- bring your feet together to touch. Place you hands on your feet or ankles and fall forward- hold for 2 minutes.

3. Seated side stretch- bring your left arm up and over your head press your right hand flat on the mat. (1 min) lift your right arm and stretch over to the left- hold 1 min

4. Cat and cow. Come to your hands and knees curl your shoulders. Inhale tuck your chin to your chest. Exhale gaze up to the sky drop your hips toward the sky and your head towards  and the ceiling- Repeat for two minutes

5-6. Downward dog pose/child’s pose. From table top press up from your palms into downward dog pose. Drop your head between your shoulders press your belly button to spine raise your hips towards the ceiling heels press toward the floor. (Hold 30 seconds) . Come back to your hands and knees and find child’s pose. 30 seconds press back downward dog 30 seconds

7. Crocodile- lie flat on your belly cross your forearms on top of each other and allow forehead to rest on forearms (hold 2 min)

8. Banana Asana- lie on the floor in one straight line. Bring your hands together over your head bring your legs together. Walk your legs over to one side of your mat. Walk your arms over to one side of your mat- hold 1 min on each side

9. Reclined Supta Baddha Konasana (reclined butterfly pose)-lie on your back place your heels together. Create the same shape with your arms as legs.(blocks optional) breathe for 2 minutes

10. Savasana- knuckles down palms flat. Take a big inhale tighten through the body exhale release your body; be completely still. Allow your feet to flip to either side of the mat. Relax your toes, your ankles, your calves. Relax your knees, your thighs, your belly, press your shoulders to the mat, relax your jaw, relax your face.  Completely surrender and let go. Inhaling and exhaling for two minutes


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