10 Reasons to give an at home yoga practice a whirl

1. De-stress, slow, deep breathing eases workday tension

In our current climate many of us are working more than one job. Or the job we have drains us so much that when we get home, we want to veg on the couch, drink too much wine, or eat too much pasta. Yoga helps to give you that extra boost of energy to come home and work on something for YOU, play with your kids, listen to them read. Smile more

2. You're sleep will never be better

We promise! A gentle nighttime yoga routine will have you out like a light, sleeping like a baby. Try our P.M. yoga routine.

3. Yoga makes you stronger both Physically and mentally

no explanation needed. The more you deepen your practice, the more you deepen yourself physically and mentally.

4. You focus truly on YOURSELF- so often as adults we are focused on our families, jobs, bills and WE get lost in the shuffle. Yoga is truly a time for one to be SELFISH. Clear a space in your home, roll out your mat and focus on the inhale and exhale ONLY. lock out the kids, dog and partner. Its time for you to refill

5. Its a good workout- so often people say " oh yoga is so easy you just stand there" yes when yogis are in ASANA we do just " stand there" what is not visible to the naked eye is that every single muscle of your body is engaged in every pose. From the tip of the toes to the top of the head, yoga is about aligning the body and breath, While it might look simple it definitely is NOT easy.

6. Yoga eases your PAIN- most body pain that Americans experience is from leading a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting at your desk, sitting to drive your car, laying in the bed or on the couch, lead to pain in the the; back, neck, hips you name it. The good new is; we have a pose for that! From sciatica to foot pain, we've got a sequence that will help you find relief.

7. Yoga makes you happy. Periodt.- enough said. Moving the body, aligning the breath enable you to shake off negative emotions that weigh you down.

8. Its fun- So much fun! Especially set to our amazing soundtracks. Start practicing today and very quickly you will find yourself looking forward to the fun that yoga brings.

9. It teaches you about your body- In Western society we have been lead to believe that unless we have the "perfect body" or remain in pursuit of it, our bodies are worthless. This could not be further from the truth. No matter your size or fitness level, its is important to know about the vessel that is housing you on this planet. The more you know about YOUR body, the better equipped you are to take care of it.

10. Learn each asana (pose) in the safety and privacy of your own home- We get it. The yoga studio can be a very intimidating place. Especially if you are new to the practice. Being at home in a space that is familiar to you allows you to relax and focus on the practice.

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