We help women of all shapes and sizes begin and deepen their yoga practice in a safe space. 

If you love soul as much as we do, you will love our Soulflow Yoga Sequences set to your favorite R&B, Jazz, and Soul hits of yesterday and today. 

  • 2-to-8 minute videos of yoga sequences that can easily fit into your daily schedule

  •  increase your strength, stability, and flexibility

  • Release tension

  • Relieve aches and pains in your body, mind, and soul. 

  • Great for beginners!

Feeling Aches and Pains? Try this!

Soulflow Yoga Sequences 


Need to calm your nerves?

Try Triangle Pose!


Asana Library 

Full Instructional Videos of Basic Yoga Poses

A great yoga practice starts with education. 

  • Over 50 full instructional videos of basic yoga poses

  • Learn how to get the most benefit out of each pose

Posture is important to get the maximum benefit from your yoga practice. 

Align Your Chakras

28 Day Yoga Series


This 28-Day Chakra Alignment Yoga series helps you to not only align your chakras, but to understand how important they are in helping you function in day to day life. 

Chakras are said to be part of a much higher energy system than our physical body. In other words, chakras are literally our soul. When your chakras are blocked, you  might find yourself having negative emotions, feeling depressed or lethargic, having too much energy, or having not enough empathy. Chakra alignment helps you to be a whole and happy person. 

Need to Align your Chakras?  Try our 28 Day Plan!

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