My name is Erin Woods. Yoga 🧘🏾‍♀️ is my sanctuary, and here is why...

A few years ago.. I was a single mom of 4 kids. Life with my kids was fun but HARD to make it all work. My yoga mat was my refuge. It was the place where i cried, gained strength and peace to go be everything I had to be for another day.

I remember rushing to my studio to secure a spot in class and looking around and being the only person “like me”; black, plus sized in the room. The stories I could tell you about teachers not making eye contact or attempting adjustments on me, the sympathetic looks from students “oh you poor thing”😂😂. It was almost like I was a rare exhibit at the zoo. No one was every overtly rude but it was clear they didn’t quite know how to deal w my presence in studio. This went on for years.

Once I started my teacher training this behavior was magnified. I wasn’t supposed to be as eloquent or skilled as I was. Even though they touted the feel good “yoga is for everybody” “ every body is different” phrase; it was obvious they were not quite comfortable w a body like mine representing their super fit, gazelle like, instructor image. They struggled with finding a place to fit me; ultimately I figured out; I didn’t need THE ESTABLISHMENT to fit me into a space; I needed to CREATE a space and so I did and here we are. 

Back then it was my dream to teach women like myself. Women who rightfully so, didn’t feel welcomed enough in a traditional yoga studio to even try a class let alone start a practice.

Well now it seems my days are filled living my dreams; teaching classes of women like me who see themselves in me and feel comfortable enough to give yoga a try.

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